HH10k week 4 day 2 – blarg

Did 3 miles on the treadmill @ the gym in about 35:56 after work yesterday. It was definitely one of those “gah why can’t I just slow down and/or stop” kind of runs where I pretty much stared at my elapsed time/distance the whole time in spite of how much I willed myself not to. I tried to focus on my music and only check my time progress after an entire song had passed, but kept inadvertently glancing down to check it out. As such the run seemed to take awhile and I felt kind of tired in spite of the fact that my legs and lungs were feeling pretty good and I didn’t even get my usual side cramp.

I do think I tied my right shoe a little too loose (maybe overcompensating for the too-tight run a few days ago) and ended up with a giant blister on the arch of that foot, argh. I just can’t have nice things! haha.

I hate getting home and marinating in my running clothes for too long, but I ended up doing just that last night since I had a wow raid scheduled (yes I am a nerd). It made for a slightly uncomfortable evening but it felt great to shower when I finally did >_<

Today I’ll either rest (since I ran 3 miles two days in a row) or do a little upper body work with the resistance bands. Tomorrow I think some wii fit yoga/strength is up and then I have 2 miles + strength training scheduled at the gym on Thursday.


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