A wee bit behind

I was supposed to do a 3.5 miler this weekend but Seattle was crushed by a massive heat wave and I couldn’t find it in me (or get out of bed early enough >_>) to get out there and run in the deathbeams of the sun. The last time I tried to run in temps over 80 degrees it went very badly for me, so I ended up doing around 35 min of wii fit yoga and strength on Sunday afternoon. That was cool, though, cause the Wii told me I was down to 159.6 pounds! That means I’ve lost almost 10 pounds now since I started running. Huzzah!

To make up for my lost running days I’m gonna try to squeeze in 4 runs this week. I’ll try to make up my 3.5 miler today at the gym (since temps are still pretty high here) and go back tomorrow for the 3miler I would normally do on Monday. I’ll cross train Wednesday and do my usual 2miles + strength training at the gym Thursday, then rest Friday and try for 3.5 or 4 miles outside on Saturday (temps should only be in the 70’s!) I’m a wee bit behind schedule for my 10k training plan, but seeing as my first race on Sept 12 is a 5k (and I was mostly following this plan to increase my overall mileage and build base for the future), it’s not a big deal if I don’t follow it to the letter.

So, hopefully the 3.5 miles goes well today; if I make it, it will be the farthest I’ve run yet!

Oh, forgot to mention I did my usual 2 miles + random weight machines at the gym last Thursday (4 days ago, eep) and it went pretty well!


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