HH10k week 5 day 2.. still a bit behind

I did end up running @ the gym on Monday, but it ended up a 3.1-miler instead of a 3.5-miler. In retrospect another .4 miles wouldn’t have killed me but I was feeling pretty tired at the time. I kept the treadmill at a pretty constant speed and finished the 5k in 37:07. I am pretty sure I could go faster on the road/in an actual race so at least I can feel confident that I’ll finish a race in under 40 minutes >_>

I meant to go back to the gym yesterday to make up the run I missed over the weekend, but ended up going out for a few drinks with coworkers after work instead… fail! I could have also done some wii fit when I finally did get home (or heck, run around my neighborhood since my WoW server was down) but I guess I kind of wussed out. My body made me pay for it by gaining back 2 of those pounds I fought to lose. But now I’m super motivated going forward!

Today I have crosstraining scheduled, and tomorrow 2 miles at the gym plus strength training. I may try to pick up the pace and run those 2 miles at 5.5 or 6mph; not sure I can sustain that kind of pace yet but it’s worth a shot eh? at least the 2 miles would go by a lot quicker that way!

I guess I will try for 3.5 miles again this Saturday on the roads.. I have 4 scheduled per my plan, but since I missed last week I think I’ll just ratchet the plan back a bit.


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