HH10k week 5 day 5: chug chug

Did my weekly 2 miles + random machines for “strength training” yesterday at the gym downtown. I decided to push the speed a little since this is my shortest run of the week and ran most of it at 5.2mph before bumping up to about 5.5mph in the last few minutes, finishing in 23:11. Was another good run wherein I felt fairly strong and like I was getting into a groove. I think I could up my cruising speed even more at this point, but I’m still not sure how far I could carry it!

When I got home my roommate decided to order pizza for dinner, so I ended up eating 2 slices of that…. ugggh! Heh, after staying away from greasy food for awhile I really felt the difference. :X

I’ll be in my hometown all next week and possibly up in the lands of Canadia for my birthday, leaving my roomies to fend for themselves (I’m sure I will arrive back home to piles of takeout boxes and no toilet paper), and I need to map out some running routes over there so I can keep up my semi-training whilst on “vacation.” Strangely, when I look at my hometown on mapmyrun I realize how small it is compared to Seattle… the same distance I run around my neighborhood here would take me halfway across town over there!

Hopefully I can keep the progress rolling and not gain 10 pounds from my mom’s cooking ;D


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