HH10k week 5 day 7: decent progress

Well I don’t usually post at 1am, but I almost forgot to log today’s run, so here I am! I made my first real step up in mileage (however small) today on my run around the neighborhood loop, doing 3.5 miles for the first time. That puts me at a square ohhh 1 mile behind on my training plan (I should have been doing 4.5 miles this week but it just hasn’t worked that way, haha). I finished in around 38:32 which according to dailymile is an 11 minute mile pace.

The run in general felt pretty good, I got tired in a few spots (especially around the point I usually turn around on my 3 mile runs, but I think that was more mental than anything) but overall it was easier than I was expecting and the last half mile felt pretty good. I was tired at the end but in the good satisfied way and not the “amg I am going to die” type. There were also no blisters today, yay!

At this point running 13.1 miles in the half-marathon I signed up for next June still feels pretty impossible. I even briefly thought about cancelling, but I’m just gonna follow the plans and see how it goes. Maybe eventually running 10 miles will feel like running 3 to me… who knows!

I plotted out a few routes to run in my hometown next week. I’m hoping to convince one of my friends from back home to run some miles with me but that isn’t usually people’s first choice of how to spend time together, hahah…



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