HH10k week something day something

Well, I got in exactly one run last week – 3 miles on my parents’ treadmill on Friday, which actually was a pretty good run. Aside from that I ate a ton of food and was convinced I had gained at least 4 pounds, only to find to my surprise when I got home that I weighed exactly the same as I did when I left. Weird! But I’ll take it!

I then was busy enough over the weekend (I literally got back into town with 10 minutes to spare before church on Sunday) that I didn’t get to run again until yesterday evening at the gym – 3 miles at around 5.2mph, ending in 34:38. I wasn’t really tired, more tired of running by the end of that one. Last night when I weighed myself I was down 4 pounds (!!) – not sure how that happened, maybe water weight fluctuation? Or maybe the time off did me some good? Either way, according to the scale at home I’m now 154, a number I haven’t been in ohhhh about 3 years!

I decided to kind of start up the training plan where I last left off (3.5 miles long run on Saturday, my longest run to date so far) instead of trying to push on with the higher mileage. However, PAX is this weekend, which I will be attending, so I will not have the chance to run except maybe on Sunday. So I will likely head back to the gym tonight for my usual Thursday workout – 2 miles on the treadmill followed by some strength training. Thursday I have a meeting at 7 after work and Fri-Sun is PAX, I do have Monday off from work, though, so I will probably squish a run in there!

My first race is on the 12th! eeeeeep!


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