GARMIN Garmin garmin GARMIN garmin

The uber awesome Garmin Forerunner 305 my friend Sheldon sold me arrived yesterday – squee! I unfortuantely didn’t get the chance to run with it due to time contraints – had to put my (“recovery”) run in on the treadmill at the gym – but I played around with it, set up my profile and preferred display screens, and discovered it does not like locating sattelites while I am indoors, heh. Can’t wait to actually take it for a spin outdoors either Thursday or Saturday, though! I set it up for “laps” of one mile (so it will track all my mile splits) and also for it to beep at me when I’ve completed a mile, which I’m not sure if I will love or hate, but we’ll see.

But as mentioned I went to the gym yesterday for a short recovery run of 2 miles that I did at a 12 min mile pace. I guess “short” is relative seeing as my longest run to date has been 3.5 miles, but it was shorter than my scheduled 2.5. I just didn’t want to do too much the day after my race, especially since I seem to have picked up some sweet blisters on both arches, maybe from the arse-hauling I did the last tenth of a mile in the 5k. I was even wearing my anti-blister socks! Nike fail.

Speaking of Nike I’ve been browsing around online for a decent running jacket with a hood for the many rainy days surely lurking in the days ahead (reminder: I live in Seattle, our autumns/winters are like the rainshower that doesn’t end) and I found this nifty looking one that is unfortunately 90 bucks. 90 bucks for what’s essentially a glorified windbreaker with a hood! It does look cool though, and I am going to need SOMEthing so I can’t use the rain as an excuse not to run ;)

Actually I just spotted the same jacket in a crappy purple color for about 54 bucks in the discount section. Hrm, sweet green one for 90 bucks or purple haze for 54? x_X


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