Goals and stuff

Well, so far this week I’ve failed immensly at cross-training. I think I will have to find some other form of XT (I usually want to do Wii Fit, but the Wii is hooked to the TV that my roommates hog constantly, and I don’t really want to work out while they sit there and watch me, waiting for me to be done) so that I don’t rely on the accessibility to the Wii (or lack thereof). I know if I’m going to get better/faster at running I’m going to need to do something other than sit on my bum on my non-running days.

I also need to start plowing forward on increasing my mileage – which means 3.5 miles this weekend, and then going up in increments of a half mile every weekend after, working up to 6 miles. I just need to take it sloooooow and push through the discomfort and remind myself how hard it was at first to even run 10 or 20 minutes, and how pushing through THAT got me to the point of running 3 miles comfortably. There is always some pain with progress, no?

I was looking at half-marathons next year (I’m already signed up for one, but I figure why not keep the pain going) and wouldn’t it be super awesome to run this? Of course that would require traveling but it would be totally worth it! Maybe I can get some friends/family to go with me and make a theme park weekend out of it. All the reviews say it’s a totally fun race too. Admission is a little steep but hey, it’s Disney… I think it would be worth it… you only live once eh?

Think I will be swinging by Niketown after work today to look at some rain running gear – of course this is the time of year all that crap is most expensive but I’m gonna need it by this weekend, by the looks of the weather forcast!


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