1st Garminated run – 3.5 miles (week 2 HH10k)

Wellll I think I definitely start out a little too fast when I run outside… I don’t think I realize it at all, I’m just cruising along feeling good! Also, when I hit 8.1 mph somehow in mile2, I’m pretty sure that was the steep downhill I get to fly down at the top of my loop, haha… I think I would have to be dropped out of a plane to hit that speed otherwise!

Other things I learned from Henry the Garminator:

-my 3.5 mile run as mapped out by mapmyrun.com is actually .3 miles short… drat!
-I like to glance at my current pace a little too much

I did manage to find a nice groove as I came through mile 3, it didn’t really last once I hit the final uphill though. I think overall I need to slow waaaaay down for “long” runs (which this technically is) especially if I want to survive the 4 miles next week!


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