I think everyone’s seen this video by now (120 pound journey) but if you haven’t, you should seriously check it out. Totally inspiring and may even bring a lil tear to the eye.

I realized I need to keep up with this running blog/log thing a little better if I want to actually use it to keep myself accountable. I did Wii Fit on Tuesday and it informed me I’d only dropped .4 pounds in a month, which is fail. As it’s been 2 months now since I finished C25K I should be able to add another running day without issues… though that’s not really on my HH10K beginner’s plan, I could always call it “cross training.” I also probably need to watch what I eat a little better… I always want to snack like crazy at home!

Sunday: “rest”
Monday: 3 miles / 33:04 (11:04 pace)
Tues: Wii Fit yoga/strength 33 min
Wed: “rest”
Thurs: have 2 miles + strength planned at the gym, however I forgot to shave, so wearing my gym capris is not sounding like a good time. Oh the stress of being female
Fri: rest day
Sat: supposed to do 4 miles but I will be out of town, will probably do it Sunday.


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