Lazy day

I didn’t do much today other than a bit of Wii Fit – the schedule called for 4.5 miles but I did 3 yesterday and didn’t want to do them back to back, so tomorrow it is. Yesterday’s run was pretty good:

My first sub 11-min-mile average run outdoors, yay! The weather was nice and cool and I think that had something to do with it. I also went grocery shopping yesterday and tried to buy a bunch of healthy things to snack on – wee clementine oranges (I prefer smaller oranges, you never get a stinker like you do with big oranges), cottage cheese, bananers, yogurt, sorbet. I realized my eating habits kind of fell off the wagon this last week but it’s never too late to fix that!

I can’t end today without a shoutout to the best racehorse currently on the planet, who made it a perfect 19-for-19 today – Zenyatta!

One more race to go before she retires – the Breeder’s Cup Classic world championship next month. Here’s hoping she goes 20 for 20. To do what she does with her running style (a dead come-from-behind closer which is usually at the mercy of the pace of the race) is pretty incredible. If you never saw the video of her winning the Classic last year (the first female racehorse in history to do so) I recommend it, it is incredible!


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