A reason to like chilly autumn weather

Running is a heck of a crap ton easier when it’s 50-60 degrees out as opposed to 80-90! You’d think this would be obvious but I didn’t realize HOW dramatic the change is until my 4 miler (yeap, still my “long” run [fail]) yesterday.

I still need to focus on slooooowing doooooown for that first mile. I can’t help that I feel so good!

I went back to the gym today for another 3 miles and decided to try using the last eyelets on my shoes to make them a little more snug, which ended up being a terrible idea as I now have raging blisters on both arches. YAY!

I finally found a decent “runner’s grocery list” and went to the store, list in hand, to copy this diet of awesome. (I get lost when left to my own devices, especially when grocery shopping, and SUPER especially when grocery shopping whilst hungry.) The general idea for the list is:

Example of nutrient-dense meal planning:

Breakfast – Oatmeal, nuts and fruit and a glass of skim/soy milk
Mid morning snack – Piece of fruit with cheese
Lunch – Vegetarian or lean meat in veggie-filled wrap and cottage cheese with fruit
Mid afternoon snack – Veggies with hummus and Wasa cracker(s)
Dinner – Brown rice with lentils and spinach and scrambled eggs
After-dinner snack – dark chocolate (1/2 – 1 ounce) with a piece of fruit

Grocery list:

Whole grain wrap
Low-fat cottage cheese
Part-skim cheese
Lean meat/vegetarian meat
Brown rice
Skim/soy milk
Dark chocolate (70% – 85% cacao)

I really like the whole “chocolate after dinner” part ;D As a kid I haaaaated dark chocolate but I have come to lurve it with age and wisdom (or the lack thereof)


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