Lazy arse

That’s me, after 3 whole days off where I sat around doing not much else other than watching movies and playing video games. Oh, and taking a trip to the store/Jack in the Box, during which my driver’s side window became lodged halfway down, requiring a trip to the shop this morning before work. My car looked pretty awesome with a garbage bag taped to it for 2 days but luckily 1.) it did not rain and 2.) no one tried to break in and/or steal the poor thing. AND the shop just called and I guess the glass just fell off the track, so no parts were needed to fix it, yay!

Aside from that I am far overdue for a run, so I will likely be squeezing in 4 runs this week – 4.5 miles today (probably outdoors after I pickup my car from the shop) and then probably 3 on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday, and my reguarly scheduled 5 on Saturday (though I may repeat a week of 4.5, and possibly only do 4 today).

I was hoping my bro (who signed up for the 5k next month with me but has not run a LICK yet) would go run the trails with me yesterday but he squirmed out of it. Then I discovered TBS was playing the entire Matrix trilogy which for some reason I was compelled to watch ALL OF (I really only like the first movie, but it was kind of cool to see the whole story arc all together I guess)


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