Progress! and discoveries

Looks like I’ve been pretty terrible about logging my runs! I guess I figured since I was putting them up on dailymile I was excused from hashing over them in more detail. I can say for sure I have realized that I DESPISE the treadmill and it has this creepy ability to suck my lifeforce away within about 10 minutes. Seriously, I can’t run as fast on the treadmill, and even running slower, it burns me out incredibly quick. HATE!

I did discover 2 mornings ago that I am down to 151 pounds, which means I’ve lost about 17 pounds now (give or take a few) since I started running in May! Now, that was an early-morning weigh in before food and fluctuating water weight and all that, but I think you can safely call it 153, and I’m still at a number I haven’t been in about 4 years.

My second race ever is coming up on the 27th of this month – the Seattle Marathon 5k (they really just need to call it the Seattle 5k or something, ha). I’m pretty sure I will bust through my current PR of 34.02, though this course will be a little hillier. I’m stronger and a bit faster now than I was in September, though.

Tomorrow the mighty Zenyatta goes for 20-20 in the Breeder’s Cup Classic! Watch her on ESPN around 3pm PST! I’m so nervous about this race I don’t think I’ll be able to eat tomorrow >_<


2 thoughts on “Progress! and discoveries

  1. Congratulations on your new low weight! And I SO hear you on the treadmill sucking it out of you. I don’t mind it if I just need to bang out 30 minutes or something, but anything longer than 3-4 miles and it. just. makes. me. want. to. die. lol Good luck with your 5K! I wish I could run it, but I will be in the San Juans for Thanksgiving weekend (big hardship, right?).

    • Thanks! Amusingly I was totally afraid to switch from the treadmill to the road when I first started running, but now I just groan inwardly when I know I have to go to the gym and duke it out with the dreadmill. Enjoy Thanksgiving in the San Juans! :)

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