Things that have changed (via running)

Since picking up the torch (and my feet) back in May, I’ve slowly noticed changes in my life and self. They didn’t just march up and make themselves obvious; most were small, gradual changes I didn’t really notice until I thought about it.

The good:
-I can walk up the giant flight of stairs between my work and the street above without my heart threatening to burst out of my chest
-Beyond that, I can walk the 4 blocks uphill to my bus stop and my heart rate returns to normal far quicker than before
-17 pounds gone!
-My jeans are a lot looser, YAY! Maybe I will actually be able to wear my snowboarding pants this year
-Water tastes a lot better (don’t really know how to explain this one)
-I actually fit into my knee-high boots now! and my legs do look better too

The not-as-good:
-I have to shave my legs more often in the winter. Ha, ha
-I stink when I ride the bus home after I’ve been at the gym
-I’m hungry ALL THE TIME
-I have what seem to be perma-callouses on my feet from blisters (no black toenails yet, but I’m not exactly running long yet)
-wearing spandexy pants in public

All in all I’d say it was a pretty good tradeoff ;)

Oh, and to wrap up from my last post, the Breeder’s Cup Classic last Saturday was amazing – Zenyatta didn’t win, but put on a performance you have to see to believe, and came extremely close to keeping her undefeated record intact after struggling with the track and dropping completely out of the race in the early stages…


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