4.5 miles (finally)

I finally broke past my 4 mile rut and trudged on with the 10k training plan, so I have a new max-distance run now. (I think I’ve been lazy about increasing my distance since the half marathon I signed up for isn’t until next June, so there’s no real reason to start really training for it yet until after New Years… or so I tell myself ;)

data from Henry the Garminator

I swear the hills on this loop feel way worse than 108 feet >.>

In reality I should probably just start increasing the distance anyway… it would probably help a lot with my overall speed and endurance!

The run today wasn’t too bad, the temps were around 51 and there was no rain, though I wore my nike long-sleeved half-zip and was wishing I hadn’t about a mile and a half into the run. Gotta remember to dress like it’s 20 degrees warmer outside ;) My knees got a little sore toward the end but other than that I felt pretty good and probably could have gone farther!


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