I was supposed to run today, but it was super freaking cold outside (38 degrees!) and I wussed out. That just means I have to run tomorrow, instead, and then shower and go to church with wet hair. I did it to myself :P Hopefully I will survive the run even though I don’t have long running pants… the capri ones will have to do! Brrr!

My next 5k is a week from today! Holy crap! I wonder if I should bother trying to taper… I’ve missed a few runs so I think I’ll just do my usual 2 runs next week… that should be ok, yeah?

I also signed up for a final bootcamp class on the 29th… I’m hoping to perform a little better than I did last time (i.e. not wanting to barf halfway through the class)


5 thoughts on “Blargh

  1. I don’t think you need to worry about tapering for a 5K, and you could always do a “mini” taper by making your runs in the next week pretty “easy” and eliminating any hills or speedwork that you might normally do.

    Where do you go to bootcamp?

    • Yeah, I figured I wouldn’t really need to “taper,” and I haven’t really been running long enough that I’ve developed more than one pace (I kinda run the same speed more or less no matter what the distance.. heh) so it’s not like I”ll kill myself running too fast.

      I bought a LivingSocial coupon for 3 bootcamp classes at Sassy Fit in Seattle… they really kick your arse! The first time I went I had only been running/working out for about a week, and I wanted to die afterward, haha.

      YAY SNOW by the way :)

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