Seattle Marathon 5k with my lil bro!

UPDATE 12/1/10 – official photos added (preview versions)

So! My little bro Griffin and I ran the Seattle 5k this morning. Due to the snow and ice we got this week, I hadn’t ran since Sunday, and my bro hadn’t ran/trained at all (though he signed up months ago.. heh). I decided I would just run with him and forget about trying to beat my old time, which ended up being a wise decision anyway, since rather than routing us down the relatively flat 5th ave, the race sent us down 2nd ave instead – dooooown and then back uuuuup a killer huge long hill.

We lined up in the chute between the 10 and 11 min mile pacers and stood bopping around trying to stay warm while we waited for the start. I gave Griff some tips and reminded him to start out slow.

Griff did really well considering he hadn’t trained at all – he ran the first mile and a half pretty easily to the turnaround, but as we headed back upppp the giant long death hill, he stopped to walk about halfway to the top. I kept calling back to him “cmon Griff! You can dooo eet!” and kept jogging with him as he walked (slowly, heh). I tried to take some action shots but clearly my little camera was not meant for sports photography…

Somehow we were in our own little pocket of space with not many people around us, so we hammed it up for all the photographers on the course. I should have some pretty good pics to post once they go live ;)

We crested the giant hill and hit a bit of a downhill breather, and picked up the pace a bit again in mile 3. Griff was getting tired but kept chugging along like a champ. The final .1 miles was a little cruel as there was another crap hill (short, but pretty steep) to deal with right before the finish. Griff told me to go ahead and I sprinted through the chute, then cheered him through as he followed up. Henry the Garmin caught the race a little long at 3.29 miles:

Can you tell where the giant hill started? ;P Also I'm not sure where the 19.3 mph came from in Mile 2... is that even possible? >_>

So no PR for me, but it was really fun running with my bro and I don’t know if I would have PR’d anyway with all those killer hills! Though, I was feeling pretty good throughout the race so you never know.

Now I’m trying to convince Griff to start running with me during the week and sign up for another race… This one didn’t have medals (LAME) so I gotta get him one! heh.

The photos from my camera:

Griff looking terrified in the chute

Looking like it's 8am. Can't believe he ran in that hat!

Action shot fail!

Slightly better *shakefist at camera*

Cooling down afterward by the Seattle Center fountain

Lookin a little tired but I felt pretty good

Annnnd here are the official photos!

Griff and I hammed it up for this photog but he snapped both of us individually :( at least my arm made it in the photo

my half of the photo

think this is the only pic they got of us running together (in the background of course heh)

FINISH LINE SO CLOSE (amusingly there's a photo almost identical to this one of me in my first race)

(nearly-identical photo)

sheesh I should concentrate on running a little straighter instead of smiling for the camera ;P

le fin!

Griff chugs to the finish

go Griff go you can duuuu eeeet

Griff crossing the finish line :D

heh he said he beat those ladies right at the last second


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