Weigh-in day

I decided instead of obsessively weighing myself every day and freaking out over the small gains and losses that happen normally throughout different times of the day/month, I’m switching to the bimonthly schedule – the 1st and the 15th of every month. As it’s now December (!!! holy crap I need to go Christmas shopping) 1st,Β  I braved it and stepped on the scale this morning.

I was expecting some gains as I’ve had two severely low-mileage weeks (as in, like one 3-mile run per week) though I’ve been exercising in other ways (such as the boot camp gym class I went to on Monday – ohh man, still sore from that one). Here we are today:

Today’s weight: 152
Starting weight (May 2010): 170
Goal weight: 139

So at this point I’m down 18 pounds from my pre-running weight with 13 pounds to go to hit my goal! It will be awesome to see the 140’s – I haven’t been that light in about 7 or 8 years.


(Oh, also, my Seattle 5k post was updated with the official photos, at the bottom!)


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