Wow, time sure flies these days… I think that’s a sure sign of getting older. 2010 was a pretty great year for me – I started running in May, have completed 2 5ks, and have lost about 17 pounds since I started, even though my training has been a bit sporadic the last month or so with the holidays. I think you can even tell!

I also came down with an energy-sucking cold the week of Christmas and basically took that whole week off, wallowing in all the crapulence and coughing that colds bring. But now that it’s the new year (and I’m finally feeling better) it’s time to start it off right, with some goals! (I don’t really believe in “resolutions” so much as the average resolution only lasts 2 weeks…)

The biggest of these goals, naturally, are to successfully train up to and finish the 2 half-marathons I signed up for this year – NODM on June 5 and the RnR Seattle half on June 25th. I have about 6 months to prepare so that should be doable ;) – and after that point my legs will probably want to mutiny and detach from my body in protest.

In other life matters, I’d like to be a fruitful fig tree, get my finances a little more under control (maybe pay off some credit cards!), and spend my time a bit more wisely instead of choosing to drown all my free time in mindless entertainment (I’m looking at you, WoW). Maybe I’ll sign up for more races to keep my time/mind occupied with training and improving my running, and maybe even cross training regularly instead of, oh, once every few months… *whistles innocently*

I’m planning to go to the gym tonight (I cannot WAIT until it’s light enough outside after work that I can run around my neighborhood instead of on a dreadmill) but I just realized it’s likely to be packed with people who made new year’s resolutions to get in shape… maybe I should give it 2 weeks? ;)

My current loose plan for my half marathons is to start Hal Higdon’s beginner half training plan on Feb 13, which gives me 12 weeks plus 3 “floater/emergency” weeks (and a St Patrick’s Day 4mile race thrown in there) until my first half, NODM on June 5th. Until Feb 13th, I plan to run 3 times a week and gradually increase my “long” (i.e. long for me) runs in half mile increments, so I should be up to a 6 mile long run by the time I start half training.

After NODM I will take an easy week or 2 and then just try to maintain fitness until my second half, the Seattle Rock and Roll half on June 25th! Then we’ll see how much my body hates me and take the second part of the year from there….


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