Sheesh! I have been seriously failing in the blog department. I have not died, or been otherwise incapacitated, but just gripped with smothering blog-laziness. Fortunately that didn’t extend to my running (well, for the most part) as I’ve been mostly chugging away at my maintenance runs, building up to my official start of half-marathon training (AIEEE!) on the 13th!

I still hate the treadmill (some things never change) and I think this is the first year ever I’m actually looking FORWARD to daylight savings on March 13 (unfortunately also the day of the St Patrick’s Day dash I signed up for… yay for getting up EXTRA “early” to run a race), as that means it will be light when I get off work, and I can run outside instead of slaving away on the energy-sucking dreadmill.

I still fail a little bit at consistency – I seem to alternate full weeks of runs with a week of missing a scheduled excursion for one reason or another. Friends are in town, my favorite show is on, I don’t want to overdo it, blah de blah. Once half training starts I’ll be screwed with that mentality, though… gotta buckle down and just do it!

I’ve also been forgetting to weigh myself.. last I checked I was still 153, which was both bad (no weight loss!) and good (no weight gain!)… I haven’t exactly been eating the best, though… darn all that leftover Christmas candy! It just calls my name! I better eat it all just to get it out of the house…. >_>

I’ve also been over-indulging my nerd side, sitting on my bum playing the completely addicting and engrossing Mass Effect 2 for hours (whilst munching on delicious Christmas candy), so I guess I should be glad I didn’t gain 50 pounds ;P


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