Half-marathon training!

As of this week I officially (as “official” as it can get in my own life I guess) started the Hal Higdon beginner’s half-marathon training plan! As it turns out I picked a pretty wonky week to start it, as I’m dogsitting for a coworker and haven’t been able to make it to the gym after work, AND the weather has been absolutely crazy (high wind and rain blowing sideways; driving up the bridge into my neighborhood was a white-knuckle experience)! I did get a 3-mile run in Sunday afternoon around my area and had my first sub 10-min-mile average (yeah it was barely under at a 9:57 average, 29:50 for the 3 miles, but I’ll take it!)

kind of knocked myself out with that first mile

I was TIRED at the end and had to walk about a block and a half before my breathing was back under control… but it’s nice to know I broke that barrier! (And yes I know this wouldn’t be a sub-30 5k, but at least I know that’s within my grasp by the end of the summer probably!) I’m actually most proud of that 2nd mile, since that’s a KILLER uphill slog on my route (for about 75% of the mile) and I usually don’t go under an 11 min mile on that part. That’s definitely improving!

I’ve been focusing a lot on cadence and I think that’s helped me speed up in general – taking quicker, shorter steps and focusing on moving the energy forward and not stomping it down into the ground. Even when I’m feeling completely tired I tell myself keep moving, quick steps, keep it up…

I think the most challenging part of this training plan… well ok I take that back, I think there will be 3 challenging parts for me – increasing distance on long runs, cross training, and eating better overall. Cross training I think will be the worst as I’m AWFUL at getting motivated to do it… I was supposed to Wii Fit for the stretch/strength portion of the training plan yesterday and I ended up in my usual spot on my bum in front of the computer. (It didn’t help that my roomie is an Eskimo and turns the heat down to like 58 in the house… even if I turn it up to 62 or something he’ll just ninja in and turn it back down -_-… Wii Fitting in an icebox-esque living room is no fun)

But I’m gonna try my darndest to follow the plan as closely as possible. I gave myself 4 “floater/makeup” weeks so I do have a little breathing room if I miss a run or get knocked out by distance and have to repeat a week.

16 weeks till NODM!


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