Week one of half training: done!

Well, kind of. Due to some wacky scheduling issues this week (dogsitting and etc) I missed my stretch/strength day and my crosstraining day, but I did get all 4 runs in, so I feel like I managed to accomplish SOMEthing. I hit the road today for a sunny, cold, and freakishly windy 4 miler in which I managed to keep around a 10:30 average pace even with the headwind, a random sidestitch, and a general feeling of tiredness (I also was over-paranoid about how my left foot/ankle was feeling after having it tweak slightly on me on my treadmill 3-miler on Thursday; I started to freak out that I could have achilles tendinitis). I “noticed” my heel/ankle a few times but there was never pain, just kind of what I couldn’t even call a dull ache for a few seconds.

I finished the run feeling pretty good and stretched and foam rolled (amg PAINFUL) on my tiny living room floor afterward while my roommate stepped awkwardly around me and gave me the >_> face. I had no issues with the heel while cooling down or stretching so I think I’m just being over-paranoid, but I definitely don’t want it to turn into something worse.

I gained a few pounds over the last week or so (maybe all that candy WASN’T so good for me :P) which just made me more determined to get my eating back on track and maybe incorporate something green into my daily noms. Green monster smoothies are a pretty awesome way to do so and I like spinach anyway, so I bought a bunch of bananas and some greek yogurt to mix myself up some deliciousness after my next run!

Oh, and before I forget, if you really want people to buy your clothes, Nike, you should consider putting lighting in the dressing rooms that doesn’t make people look like they have gained 20 pounds and also haven’t seen the sun in about 5 years… thanks.

Next week’s schedule (week 2 of half training!)
Sun – stretch/strength (Wii fit)
Mon – 3 mile run
Tues – 2 mile run
Wed – cross training (yoga class @ Sassy Fit)
Thurs – 3 mile run + strength
Fri – rest day
Sat – 5 mile run (eep, will be my longest run yet!)


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