Week two of half training: check

Just got back from my first 5-miler – my longest distance yet, which felt surprisingly good throughout pretty much the whole run. I fell into a nice groove and just chugged along, trying not to go too fast but trying to keep my cadence up at the same time. The final time was actually a little quicker than I was expecting:

heh, my first mile is always my quickest >.>

I stretched and foam rolled afterward (MAN rolling my quads is torture, why are they so tight?!) and am now off to shower!

I missed one of my 3-mile runs this week due to snow so I’m not sure if I should plow ahead with the half schedule (doing 6 miles next week) or repeat this week… I allowed myself a few extra weeks in the plan for catchup, but I feel like I should save those in case I get sick or injured or something. I’m leaning toward going on ahead with the plan… I think it will work out ok.

Oh, and Ben from BenDoesLife is coming to Seattle on 3/26 for an unofficial Do Life 5k… methinks I will have to participate!

Next week’s schedule:
Sun: Stretch/strength
Mon: 3.5 miles
Tues: 2 miles
Wed: 3.5 miles + strength training
Thurs: 40 min cross training
Fri: Rest
Sat: 6 miles (hoo boy)

I should mention that Comicon, which I am attending, is also next weekend, so I will have to squeeze/schedule my long run around getting my picture taken with my teen crush Sean Patrick Flanery ;D (whom you may know from the Boondock Saints or the Young Indiana Jones TV show) Oh, Data and Riker will totally be there too, as will Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day… gah, if only there weren’t fees to take photos with everyone ;_;

…yeah.. I’m a nerd >_>


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