Awkward moments

I forgot to mention last week that I had my first falling-off-the-treadmill-at-the-gym experience, which is yet another item on my long list of embarassing moments in life. Normally when I finish my treadmill runs I’ll walk for a few minutes at around 3.5 mph, then hit stop, and as the treadmill slows, I’ll ride it to the end of the belt and then hop off. This particular time, however, I was walking around 4 mph, so when I stopped walking to ride the treadmill out, it was going a little faster than anticipated and I careened off the end of it in a spectacular pile of limbs and awkwardness.

Of course I shot upright in a jolt and walked away like nothing happened whilst darting my eyes back and forth to see if anyone had noticed my puclic display of grace and poise. I just HAD to wear my bright orange running shirt that day, too…

(As a side note I think this is also why my left ankle/tendon was a bit sore and not achilles tendonitis as I was paranoid about)

It made me think, though, running kind of sets you up for all kinds of awkward moments… wearing tight spandexy pants/shorts in public (and moving in such a way that causes potentially unsightly parts of yourself to jiggle), your nose running uncontrollably down your face as you trot along, random and sudden stomach issues that demand immediate attention, catching a groove in the pavement and faceplanting (especially if you are graceful like me, but FORTUNATELY I have not biffed it yet… though I know my time is coming), getting stared at by passers-by as you run in the rain/snow/wind/etc, wearing nerdy running gear like glorified fanny packs and pip-boy watches, riding the bus home after going to the gym and feeling especially gross and stinky, and while I’m on the topic of the gym, getting naked in front of many strangers. I’m sure there are many, many more as well… but it’s OK running, I love you anyway.


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