I’ve seen this ABC’s of Me thing floating around, so I figured I would jump on in as well. I guess this is the equivilant of those annoying surveys people used to post on Myspace back in the day, but nothing else ridiculously exciting has happened to me today, so here you go.

A: Age: 31
B: Bed size: a Queen with quite a few mattress toppers. It spoils me, I hate sleeping anywhere else
C. Chore you hate: Cleaning the bathroom (ughhhh), touching dirty dishes (ugghhh)
D. Dogs: none currently, but my folks always had dogs when I was growing up.. I miss them
E. Essential start to your day:Coffee, either Starbux on work days or drip coffee with too much creamer on weekends.
F. Favorite color: Red when I was growing up – I still like it, but now you can throw blue and green in there too.
G. Gold or silver: Silver for sure. Gold looks gross as jewelry
H: Height: 5’8″
I: Instruments that you can play: I played piano for 14 years but haven’t had one for the past 10 years or so. In high school I also played clarinet and percussion (loved the marimba)
J: Job title: is waaaay too jargony, you would just look at me like “…what?”
K: Kids: 0
L: Live: Seattle
M: Mom’s name: was made up by her mother
N: Nicknames: Court is the most common
O: Overnight hospital stays: 0
P: Pet peeve: lane pirates who don’t use their turn signals… drivers who think they’re the only person in the world…. people who don’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your” (AMG that one drives me crazy) and other grammatical issues… when people don’t clean up after themselves… and probably a lot more :P
Q: Quote from a movie: “Lieutenant Daaaan, ice cream!” lol ohh Forrest Gump
R: Righty or lefty: Righty, woe be to me if I ever lose the use of my right arm lol, I use it for most everything..
S: Sibling: Two younger bros
T: Time you wake up: Weekdays, 6am (ugghhh). Weekends, as late as possible – I shoot for double digits
U: Underwear: I love AE’s boycut undies. So comfy
V: Vegetables you dislike: Not a fan of beets, onions, and stinky greens
W: What makes you run late: usually, that would be because I got up late or sat on the computer too long
X: X-rays: teeth and my arm once when I thought I broke it (it was fine)
Y: Yummy food you make: dutch babies!
Z: Zoo favorite animal: You know, I haven’t been to a zoo in forever, but I’m gonna say zebras, because they’re cool.


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