Unofficial Bendoeslife 5k!

My first run in over a week due to the aforementioned nasty chest cold! The charming Ben from the interwebs was in town and I wasn’t about to pass up the chance to meet a bunch of seemingly cool people ready to Do Life.

I parked about 10 miles away (or so it seemed) and sheepishly crept up to where the group of Life Doers were hanging out (I am usually the queen of social awkwardness). Ben was just as charismatic and friendly as he seems on his blog and welcomed me with a handshake and a smile. I got a photo in which I look way too squinty/happy:

I failed at the finger point. Also, was totally photobombed by the creepy naked statue in the background

I got a bit tired on the actual 5k (which was along a cool waterfront path I’ll probably return to), likely as the result of a week of sitting around on my arse doing nothing, but ran most of the way with a fellow from Australia who said he usually is more of a cyclist and hadn’t run in years, and ran the whole thing in Converse shoes! (oh man my feet would be KILLING me heh, those aren’t even comfortable to walk around all day in). So it was fun to chat with him, and then with a bunch of other folks afterward at a little seafood diner. Ben’s girlfriend’s parents from Vancouver, Canada were there, so I talked to them about the Olympics last year, and found out they used to live right across the water from my hometown in Victoria, BC (where I used to go all the time back when I lived in Port Angeles)! I met some other folks currently at about the same running stage as myself and even recorded a little “how I’m doing life” blurb for a video being created by Dev on Running, which should be thoroughly embarrassing to watch once she’s completed it! x_X (EDIT: here it is! Aiee, I am an awkward dork [memo to self: the Nike visor, while it keeps the rain/sun/hair out of your eyes, is not the most flattering thing. Also, don’t do the nervous laugh/eyeroll so much], but the video is awesome!)

Devon also posted a Flickr photoset of the event, and caught a pic of me flailing wildly with my hands while talking (not that I do that all the time, and regularly whap other people accidentally, or anything):


maybe I'm part Italian?

Ben was cool as well and busted out the dance moves a few times:

Ben does dancing

I forgot to stop Henry the Garmin at the end of the run so my time is a little… crazy, but that wasn’t really important – the more awesome thing was meeting some great people, doing life with fellow runners, and enjoying a little camaraderie in the drizzly Seattle morning.

Oh hey! Ben has posted about it now as well!

Some other photos courtesy of Devon and her talented photographer boyfriend Aaron:

someone get me a coat hanger to put in my shirt

apparantly I'm Slouchy McSloucherson when I run.. also check out Kris' running shoes! :D

standing around

waiting around before the run

Life Doers!

a pre-run group shot in the rain


3 thoughts on “Unofficial Bendoeslife 5k!

  1. G’day Courtney!! Glad you had a good time on the run, I’m glad I had some good company all the way. I gotta admit, parts of me are feeling sore that haven’t felt sore in a long time… even so, back on the bike and riding around. Thanks for making my “will do anything at least once” 5k run fun.

    Kris Rhodes
    Twitter | Tumblr | DailyMile

    • Howdy sir! Thanks for running along with me! Was cool to chat and marvel at your choice of footwear ;D Good job running that, I think you finished even better than I did! As my brother said after running a 5k with me on no training whatsoever, “it feels like I fell down a flight of stairs,” haha! Perhaps now I should try cycling? Glad you had a good time; see you at Ben’s next 5k in July, perhaps?

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