Calf sleeves of awesome

So, a few weeks ago I bought some nifty Zensah compression calf sleeves – they look like this:

not my legs, obvs.. and yes I got them in pink

I have yet to wear them on an actual run, since I wear capri-length pants in the current spring weather and didn’t want to look ridiculous (not that the runner’s fanny pack, visor, and spandexy pants aren’t already ridiculous or anything) but after my run on Monday my calves were pretty sore, which lingered through Wednesday’s run. I decided not to run yesterday (some weird plantar-type achies in my right foot contributed to that too, though it may be getting close to new shoe time) and remembered that I had the calf sleeves sitting in my dresser, awaiting the day I would pull them out of the drawer and squeeze them over my legs like a sausage casing.

So, I pulled them out, put them on, and wore them to bed. In the morning my legs were feeling pretty good, so I figured hey, why not wear the calf sleeves to work?!

So I’m sitting here at my desk with the sleeves on under my jeans. It kind of feels like I’m secretly wearing jammies to work or somethingΒ  like that… but my legs feel great!


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