Fail and more fail

I’m starting to wonder if maybe I’m just not supposed to run this half marathon in June. I’ve had issue after issue the past few weeks and missed quite a few runs, putting my training in jeopardy.

It started back on Saturday the 2nd when I headed out for my first 6 miler per the training plan. I tried to take it super slow and just get the distance in, and I actually felt great throughout the whole run and was feeling awesome as I headed back to my house to stretch. As I was foam rolling I noticed my left calf was feeling kind of tweaked, and as I stood up to put the foam roller away it definitely felt like something was up – I could feel the angry spot in my muscle with every step. I can only guess this was as a result of upping the mileage and maybe even not going slow enough.

I didn’t run again until the next Tuesday since my calf was feeling really sore, but didn’t want to lose too much time/runs and went ahead and ran 4.5 miles that day. I felt fine DURING the run but afterward my calves were not happy at all. I rested another day and decided to wear my calf sleeves on Thursday for another 4.5 miler. I’d also started developing a slight blister hot-spot on my left arch so I slapped on a blister protection pad before I headed out… worst mistake ever!

I ended the run with a giant blister the size of the blister pad. It did the exact opposite of what it was supposed to do and left me with a fruit-sized, angry, reddish blister that’s probably the worst I’ve had in my life. I hobbled to work the next day with my foot screaming at me with every step and by the time I got home Friday it was a giant pulsating disaster. Needless to say I skipped my long run on Saturday… and then again on Sunday… waiting for the dang thing to heal. I’m hoping it’s calmed down enough today that I can at least get in a 3 miler and get somewhat back on track with this training plan. As it is I’m running of time to complete the plan by June 5th (NODM)Β  and I’m not so sure I will be ready by then with all the issues and missed runs.

Soooooo I’m a little pessimistic today… hopefully I can get in a run and just take it easy and ramp back up into the schedule… but we will see. At least with all the resting, my calves are almost feeling back to normal!

Oh, I took a picture of the blister but it’s totally gross… I don’t think any of you want to see it ;P


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