A little better

I got out there and trudged away for 3 miles yesterday evening. It wasn’t my fastest run, but also not my slowest. I need to keep reminding myself that it’s good to start slow when returning from injury/missed runs/laziness. I always want to leap back in and be right back where I was when I was hitting every training run and getting faster every time I went out, but that would be a stupid thing to expect at this point and I’ll just re-injure myself if I go out guns-blazing every time.

I realized I need to make cross-training more of a priority. (Right now “cross-training” consists of sitting on my arse for hours playing video games. Unfortunately, it’s not my hand-eye coordination that will get me to the finish line of my half marathons) Sundays are supposed to be my stretch/strength days, which I rarely do, and I’m also supposed to have one day of cross training during the week, which I think I’ve done maybe twice so far (and it was yoga both times… so not exactly getting the heart rate up). If I want to get stronger/faster/not be so sore after I run I’m gonna need to begrudgingly squeeze in some cross training. Maybe this or this would combine both of my interests into one exciting package? (as long as my roommates don’t die of laughter)

One thing I’m not sure of is if I should try to pick up the training plan where I left off – i.e. jump right back into a 19-mile weekย  this week. Last week I ran 9 miles (I got the monster blister and missed my long run) and the week before I ran 13, and the week before THAT I was sick and only got in one 3-miler. According to where I SHOULD be on my training plan, this week is supposed to look like:

Mon:ย  3 miles (check)
Tues: 4.5 miles
Wed: cross train
Thurs: 4.5 miles
Fri: rest
Sat: 7 miles

Would it be stupid to try to complete the mileage as on the schedule even though I’ve had so many low-mileage issue-filled weeks? i’m not sure how to ease myself back into it, either – should I go back a few weeks on the training plan and start off with a 13 or 14 mile week? GAH…. freakin injuries throwing a wrench into everything. One thing I DO know is I want to be careful so I don’t blow it again.


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