Strange.. pre-injury thingy?

So, I’ve done 3 runs since the craptacular weekend one, and all were mostly ok – I loosened the heck out of my laces and that seemed to help the foot numbness issue a little (though I was still having the issue in my right foot… maybe I need different insoles? or a bigger size shoe?) but I’m still getting this weird ache, almost a pre-pain if that makes sense, in my left shin area – not exactly the shin, but kind of the area directly to the inside of it. I don’t think it’s shin splints – I’ve had those before and they felt different, more like burning. This ache is kind of more a dull feeling, and it happens randomly – not just when I start running. I don’t think it’s a stress fracture since I can poke on my leg all up and down my shin and not feel a thing. I’m guessing more a muscle or tendony issue maybe from stomping downhill (like a boss) a little too hard in all my runs. So far it doesn’t really bug me when I run (I feel it a bit but no more so than when I’m walking around) so I’ve continued onward-ho with my training… not sure if I will end up regretting that or not >_>

Still, it kind of sucks to have numb feet and sore shins – kind of kills the motivation to get out there and pound the pavement – soooo methinks I’ll go back to the running store after work today and see about maybe trading up another half-size or something, or seeing what they recommend.

5 weeks till my half marathon, holy carp!


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