New Plan!

OK! Given my variety of leg/foot issues as of late and my burning desire to make it to the starting line of my half-marathon on June 5 (5 weeks! AGGGH), I’ve nailed down a kind of modified training plan that will hopefully preserve my legs and get me to the race at least trained well enough to finish it.

I’ve been following Hal Higdon’s beginner plan and doing 4 runs per week – the shortest one I’ve been running fairly quickly, the medium-length ones I tried to take it easy, and the weekend long runs have so far been a slow dirge-like pace.

Since ol’ Hal lists the midweek short run as “3 miles or cross training,”I’ve decided to lower the impact on my legs and do a 30-min walk (about the time I would take to run 3 miles) instead. I’m also going to do ALL of the other runs at dirge-like pace, as slowly and carefully as possible, being very aware of form/footstrike and NOT storming the downhill sections like a crazy foo (like I normally love to do), which I think def didn’t help my legs.

I’m going to basically completely forget about speed for the next 5 weeks and just try to get the mileage and cross training done, to get myself to the starting line in one piece. Cross training has been my bane.. I think I’ve done maybe 4 cross training sessions throughout this whole plan. Maybe that’s why I’ve been getting injured, hmmm? I’m considering buying one of the Jillean Michaels DVDs to use as my cross training, though that means working out in front of my roommates…


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