Le gasp! I actually managed to complete my 7 miler on Saturday without wanting to die and/or crawl into the nearest kiddie pool and sob to myself. I focused on keeping it sloooooooooooooow and just chugged along, carrying a bottle of water that I unfortunately tested an energy drink powder on which tasted like poop, but which probably contributed to keeping my stamina up.

I did have a few small issues – I haven’t done laundry recently so I was down to my last pair of running socks, the “invisible” kind I never wear because I don’t like how low they are, and surprise surprise, in the last 2 miles I started to chafe bad on the back of my left heel (I actually stopped cold for about a minute trying to adjust the sock, but gave up and went back to running). I’m also still getting slightly numb (though not as bad as before) in my right foot, which I can alleviate slightly by focusing on falling on the true midsection of my foot instead of the ball of it (which makes me feel more like I’m slapping my feet down.. gotta tweak that a little more I think). And finally, I had my first oh-crap-nature-is-calling moment in the last 7/10 of a mile, though fortunately I made it back to the house before anything blog-worthy happened (though I have never run as fast for the bathroom in my life… haha).

Aside from that it was a huge confidence booster and I’m feeling good about bumping up to 8 miles this weekend… just gotta keep it slooow and steady and forget about going fast until I’ve made it to the starting line June 5!

I also went to the Star Wars exhibit on the very last day it was in town and fought my way through a crowd of overzealous children to get a photo with the Princess Leia costume (holy crap Carrie Fischer was TINY!)

The real costumes! for reals! ... and having giant pupils fails me once again


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