Running fast = ow

I made a depressing and kind of “duh” discovery on my 4.5-miler Monday evening. I was feeling really good, no leg pain, and stuck with my “go as slow and careful as possible” mantra until the last mile, when I decided I was feeling good enough to let it rip. I picked up the pace to pre-injury status and flew along feeling awesome and powerful… until I finished the run, cooled down, and went into my house to stretch, and realized my leg was twinging again. even as I sit here at my desk, 2 days later, I can feel it twinging (not pain, but it’s noticeable… and I had gotten it to the point that I thought it was entirely healed)

Soooo, clearly, the sad truth is I just can’t run fast for awhile. Duh, that was my whole plan post-injury (go slow to make it to the race) but I was feeling so good on that run that I thought I might be fine picking up the pace again. I guess not :\

My other thought is that I should go back to heel-striking and see if my issues go away, but that might open a whole new can of problems..

Supposed to do my “quicker” (i.e. not TRYING to suffocate my pace) 3-mile run tonight, so we shall see how it goes!


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