I suck at cross training

What was I supposed to do last night? Cross train. What did I do? Sat on my butt in front of my computer procrastinating until it was time to hit the hay. FAIL.

I don’t know what it is about me and cross training. Part of it is I have 2 male roommates (my bro and a mutual friend of ours) and I don’t like doing Wii Fit/workout DVDs/etc out in the living room where they can see me grunting and flailing away. (I guess I could always play the DVDs on my computer in my room, but my room is pretty tiny and I think I’d break something) But that’s no excuse – heck, WALKING can be cross training, and I could always get out and walk around the neighborhood for 45 minutes or something. Buuuut, I don’t. And I think I would be progressing so much more if I could just get all my cross training in.

I ordered a few Jillean Michaels DVDs, which based on the reviews I’m both excited and terrified to attempt, and I’m going to FORCE myself to use them once they arrive. (Well, not right away, since I had them shipped to work, though doing crunches at my desk might entertain/scar for life my coworkers)

Tonight: 4.5 miles (hopefully slooooooooow). Friday: “rest day,” though since I had 2 other “rest days” this week that were supposed to be cross training, I should probably squish something in before I head off to Bible study. Saturday: 8 miles (ack!)


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