8 miles in the rain

I am soaked! So is my ipod, but we both survived!

Also had my first Gu ever on this run. It was… way thicker and odder-tasting than I was expecting. I’m glad I was carrying water or I would have been choking it down for about three quarters of a mile. Not so sure I’ll go with orange flavor again, as it did not taste anything like orange. Anyone have a flavor they like?

I’m also beginning to understand why people take ice baths after long runs (not that I did, I took a hot shower and it felt awesome!) – my legs are soooore, but in a good way, not the oh-crap-I-aggravated-my-injury way.

Methinks I’ll hit the hay a little early tonight…


2 thoughts on “8 miles in the rain

  1. I LOVE the taste of the chocolate gu (tastes like chocolate frosting) but the first and only time I’ve tried it, my stomach felt SO heavy afterwards. I think I’d try the jelly bean things next time.

    • Hmm, chocolate frosting sounds awesome ;) Yeah, the gu was kind of a gut bomb – if I hadn’t had water with me I’m not sure I could have tolerated it. It did what it was supposed to, though! My only worry with jelly beans/chewable energy things is that I will choke myself with them, haha.

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