Considering I have yet to even complete a single half-marathon and am already signed up for three, I think I’m a little nuts to be considering the Seattle Half Marathon this fall – especially because I’ve heard the course is hill-hill-hilly! (Also, they charge a miniumum 3-dolla processing fee to register online, which “can be avoided by registering by mail, fax or in person” – what the crap?)

In spite of all that, it seems like if you’re a runner and live in a city, you are more or less obligated to run in that city’s titular marathon event, so there’s a certain appeal to “competing” (i.e. for me, staggering/lollygagging/pretending) in that race. And yes I would only run the half, because I am only half-crazy, not full-on 26.2 mile crazy.

I have till May 31 to get the early-bird rate…. so we shall see!


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