A little stagnant

So, my goal of posting my weigh-ins twice a month pretty much fizzled out after the first one. Unfortunately that’s not because I forgot, or anything like that – I’ve just been hanging out at pretty much the same weight for the last few months, despite ramping up mileage for my half-marathon. I sooo want to get back down into the 140’s and it’s been a bit frustrating to see consistent numbers of 153-155.

I know true weight loss starts in the kitchen and that’s the super hard part for me. I convince myself I can still eat what I want, only less of it, but clearly that isn’t working! (why yes, I WILL have another peanut butter cup, thank you, giant tub of them I bought at Trader Joe’s and never should again because they sit on my desk taunting me all day.)

I’ve been pretty good about drinking water and eating a bit healthier than I used to; I think I just need to make better choices and eat less calories overall… and not worry so much about the numbers on the scale.

Also, actually getting my cross training in and not just sitting on my butt on my non-running days would probably help…

In ways it feels like I’ve kind of failed at running – I’ve been running for a year now but have only lost 15 pounds (so am still technically overweight for my height), and my times have barely improved (part of this is due to having to back off a few times due to injury, but still, I feel like I should have improved more). I can’t start doing speedwork yet due to my bum leg so I don’t really know how I’m going to burst past this blah little plateau.

My half marathon is a week from this next Sunday…. aaaaghh! I’m not really sure if I’m ready. My training was compromised by sickness and then injury and I’ve been lazy about cross training. I’m still dealing with lingering leg issues that keep me from being able to push my pace in training runs. And yet, some part of me is still pretty excited.

I’m thinking my goals will look something like this:

A Goal (everything goes perfect, I feel great/run fast): 2:10
B Goal (can’t run as fast as I want to but still feel pretty good): 2:20
C Goal (dragging my arse, feeling tired): 2:30

Hoping for the A or B goal, but if I end up at C I will still be happy with it. Anything slower than that I’d probably feel a bit disappointed with, but I have to remember it’s an accomplishment just to finish.


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