10 miles down!

Holy carp! Hard to believe my last long run before my half is now in the books. I’m still a little nervous about that jump from 10 miles to 13.1, but I’m gonna trust ol’ Hal Higdon to get me there.

I kept it super slow (around an 11 min mile pace) and just chugged along with Nuun-water, which I tried not to choke on every time I drank from my handheld (I gotta work on this drinking-while running thing). I nommed a delicious chocolate Gu around mile 5 that srsly tasted like frosting. It’s a coin toss as to whether this or the chocolate mint one I had last weekend were the most delicious of Gus. I think I’ll just get one of each for the race and fully enjoy sucking every last drop of them from their packets. TMI? Ha

I wore my Nike shorts for the first time to make sure they will work in the actual race and liberally slathered the insides of my thighs with Body Glide just to make sure I wouldn’t rub myself raw. They seemed to work ok, once I got over the initial embarrassment of showing my tree trunk legs to the world (not that I don’t when I wear the spandexy capris anyway)

My legs were a bit sore when I got back to the house but more in the “you just made us run for almost 2 hours, you jerk” way and not the “oh man we are totally injured now” way. I foam rolled (like a boss!) and stretched and gimped around a bit in recovery mode.

I must say I’m feeling pretty good at this point about actually being able to finish the half. Not so sure I will finish it QUICKLY, but barring natural disaster/act of God/random broken leg, I should be crossing the line with (hopefully) a tired smile on my face!

Now to decide what to wear…. forecast calls for possible 60 degree temps and partly cloudy (as of right now, anyway)… which would be pretty much perfect!

Henry the Garmin’s data from my run:


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