I went out for my final taper run last night (a piddly 2 miles) and may or may not have pushed a little too hard on the downhills, resulting in a monster stomachache that had me seriously thinking I’d.. got that thing girls get (eating pita chips and hummus about 30 min before I left probably didn’t also help) and also annoying the crap out of my gimpy left leg. The leg had been feeling pretty good this week so I’m now kicking myself for not taking it easy and saving it for the Big Race on Sunday.

If I carried that for one more mile (sans stomachache) I'd have a new 5k PR!

I iced it with my trusty bag of frozen edamame when I got home and stretched and foam rolled, and will be resting like nobody’s business today and tomorrow. As long as it feels good on Sunday I’m still optimistic about the race..but I’m thinking I should probably go see a doctor after the race too, since my leg has bugged me on and off for a little over a month now. It could just be recurring shin splints or some kind of calf/ligament thing, but it’d be best to know for sure since it’s never fully gone away. :\

Now to decide what to wear…

ignore the other crap all over my bed, I'm packing ;P

I’ve never worn a running tank in public before, so the shirt on the left comes with embarrassment/self-consciousness issues (it’s also a little less… forgiving of my not-so-toned midsection), whereas the shirt on the right, while an awesome color, will probably make me sweat like I’ve never run a mile before (the high for Sunday is now 67… which, when I’ve been running in 40-50 degree weather for months, is going to feel ridiculous). The shorts on the left should take care of any chub-rub issues but are also totally tight, so there will be no hiding the bum! The other shorts have chafing potential, but are a bit more flattering.

The white hat looks pretty bad on my odd-shaped melon but is the most comfortable… the visor looks kind of tool-ish, but is also comfortable.. the regular ol’ touristy NY hat probably looks the best, but is 100% cotton and won’t be feeling that awesome by the time I hit mile 13. (I did wear it on my 10 miler last weekend and it was OK, definitely not as comfortable as the nike hats though). The pink leg sleeves will be worn no matter what. Basically, the question is comfort/attractiveness or functionality, aka how shallow am I? ;P I guess we shall see!


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