The RnR Seattle half looms

Ack, this race is coming up fast…. a week from Saturday! Am I ready to run 13.1 again?!

I’ve been watching the course preview video over and over and one thing I’m noticing (especially after my blisteringly warm first half) is the lack of shade over much of the course… fortunately RnR will start at 7am, 2 hours earlier than NODM did, so I won’t be finishing up right as the sun is hitting its apex in the sky (and burning my poor pasty flesh to a ruddy crisp).

I did 3 miles on Monday which ended up being my fastest 3-miler to date and the first time I’ve gone under a 10-min mile for mile 2 (which is pure hell hill on my loop):


think I might be able to pull off a sub-30 min 5k at this point!

I had planned to do 5 miles yesterday but ended up talking myself out of it via laziness and the siren song of TV (darn you, strangely addicting America’s Got Talent). I did kinda sorta make up for it by trying out the Jillean Michaels “6 weeks to 6 pack” workout DVD, though I did it in my tiny room (so as to avoid the stares of my roommates) and it was a liiiittle too cramped in there for a ton of ab work… so I probably didn’t get as much out of it as I should have.

5 miles tonight, 5 miles tomorrow, and 10-11 miles on Saturday… then taper next week! ACK!

Because I am a giant nerd, today I ordered a Mass Effect cap to wear in the race.. even if no one else gets it, I can silently grin to myself when I look at my race photos later ;D


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