I had planned to run 5 miles yesterday, but I skipped it. I almost decided to run 3, but opted to doย  my 30-day shred DVD instead. You could say I talked myself out of running (AGAIN!), but I did have some valid (I think?) reasons:

-If I had run 5 miles last night, I would be at a 23-mile week after my long run this Saturday, which would be the most miles per week I’ve run to date. I do not want my legs to fall off before the race (falling off after the race is apparently OK)

-I just came back from a complete week off following NODM (mostly due to the weird breathing issue I was having after the race wherein it felt like a very large squatty person was sitting on my chest and taunting me when I tried to take a full breath)

-I’m not really sure what the best way to train with only 2 weeks between races is (aside from “uhhh I guess this sounds good and maybe will work”).

Having skipped the run yesterday, I should be at 18 miles for the week after my long trudge run tomorrow, though that means my long run will make up over 50% of my weekly mileage, which I know is considered a big fat no-no. I do have a little bit of a base to fall back on but I don’t really want to invite injury to the party by making such jarring/abrupt/stooopid leaps in mileage. I’ll just try to take the 10-miler tomorrow super slow and easy (aka dirge-like) and save my big efforts (aka slightly faster than a 90-year-old woman walks) for RnR next week. Hopefully I can get back into a better routine after the race and be able to build off my runs instead of killing myself with them.

…I still kinda feel like I should have at least gotten out there for a 3-miler last night. Oh well… at least I have my RnR pace plan down:

sticker available at One More Mile

The forecast now shows a high of 69 with showers for race day. I’m actually kind of excited about that. I’ll take a warm day with showers over unrelenting unshaded heat any day!


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