3 days to go! (o_O)

Holy carp! Hard to believe it’s just about time for me to toe the starting line again. I’m actually nervous for this race (strangely, nerves didn’t strike me at all for my first half 3 weeks ago – probably because I didn’t know the full extent of what I’d gotten myself into, haha! But now I know… oh yes, the pain cave cometh)

I had a pretty decent 4-miler Monday evening. I was actually a little scared to step out the door and start running since I had an AWFUL 8-miler on Saturday wherein I felt like my legs were concrete pilings (and I had to actually stop for…. let’s say nature calling for the first time ever on a run.. TMI?), but once I got going and just relaxed and thought about keeping my form, I felt pretty good. It wasn’t my fastest run but it also wasn’t my slowest, and it was pretty comfortable, which was all I could ask for!

In all honesty my training/mileage hasn’t been exactly the model of consistency since NODM, and there may or may not have been a bit of laziness mixed in with that as well, which is totally my bad. My form had been suffering (I was at the “I DON’T CARE I’M TIRED AND FEEL LIKE CRAP” point a lot of the time,Β  just flopping all over myself with bad crouchy form) annnnd my eating was… also not so awesome (or totally awesome, depending on perspective, haha – pizza? why yes! Ice cream? SURE!)

In light of all that and my crappy final long run last weekend I think my new top goal for the race will be to finish by running the whole thing except for water stations, and maaaybe beat my NODM time. I’m not going to worry too much about time goals though, I just want to run it for fun and hope for the best. If I can just get into a decent groove where I feel good and can run well and not care about how fast I’m going, I think I’ll be OK. I reallllly don’t want to get 1-2 miles into the race and feel like death like I did over the weekend.

(Heck, that run was so bad I almost thought about giving up running. I HATED running while I was out there. I hated every second I was dragging my unwilling body along. It’s easy to come back and sit on it for a few days and kind of forget how terrible the bad feelings were, but in those moments, I wanted to hang up my running shoes forever.)

I think I also need to not freak out so much about running a little faster early on in a race (I think I get terrified I’ll burn out and have no energy by the end, but I felt better at the end of my 5-miler last week, which I ran a little quicker, than I did at mile 4 of my 8-miler this weekend).

I did see one solid bit of evidence about how running has been AWESOME to me, though – I was in my hometown for Father’s Day and my mom, who is an RN, had a blood pressure cuff thingy thing, so I asked her to take mine out of curiosity… it was 95/65, the lowest it’s ever been in my life! :O


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