Seattle RnR half complete! (quick version)

Wooo, this race is DONE! I had a much better race than I did at NODM, in no small part thanks to the weather, which was perfect. I did have some rough patches and had to really fight through a few mental battles (and my ipod kept freezing up on me, which was no fun), but overall I feel great about it, and I got a 9 min PR, finishing in 2:27:36 (chip time) for 13.16 miles per Henry the Garmin! I am sooooore but amazingly have no blisters (I got 7 huge ones at NODM so I was expecting at least one!)

Full report to come later! Since I don’t have photos of myself yet, here’s Everclear performing at the post-race concert (they rocked it!)

They were actually pretty funny and casual on stage. I forgot that I knew so many of their songs

I am kind of wondering how people pull off this “I ran my race a minute per mile faster than my training runs” business… maybe I actually need to start doing speedwork? >_>


2 thoughts on “Seattle RnR half complete! (quick version)

  1. Seriously right? This course was hilly but even on the flats I was just kind of chugging along, haha. Congrats on gutting out the full marathon, that takes serious guts/determination in my book!

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