Floundering toward half number 3!

After NODM,Β  I couldn’t breathe fully for a week (I originally had that down as “couldn’t breathe for a week” but clearly I would have ceased to be by this point if that was the case) and was kind of forced into zero cardio activity during that time, so I ended up taking more rest days than planned before returning to running. Since RnR, aside from aching limbs for a few days, I’ve felt pretty good, so I decided to get out and stretch my legs again.

My roomie started Couch-to-5k last week (yay!) so Tuesday evening I ran/walked his final workout of week one with him (run one minute, walk a minute and a half, repeat 8 times). He was pretty eager and the running sessions tended to be pretty fast (though I tried to get him to slow it down a bit, since I totally made the mistake of going out too fast and giving myself shin splints when I was doing C25K last year!) but overall it seemed like a good leg-stretcher for me.

Then Wednesday I went out for a 3-miler, which I originally intended to be an easy recovery run, but I started it out full-steam-ahead like my typical training 3-milers. In hindsight I think it was TOO SOOOON since I was pooped after a mile and pretty much had to drag arse home. I even ended up cutting it short and only running 2.7 miles instead (oh, the dangers/temptations of running a loop near my house… heh).

can you tell where I ran out of steam? ;P

I elected to take yesterday as a rest day, since my legs were lacking their usual spunk (and I was also feeling laaazy) but I think I’m gonna try to hit 6-8 miles this weekend!

My roomie wants to hit up Niketown after work and how can I say no to that? They have these new compression/Tempo shorts (basically a loose-fitting Tempo short shell with built-in compression shorts underneath) that look pretty awesome; I want to try them on and maybe wear them to the See Jane Run half if I like them. I also want to look into getting a pair of knee-high compression socks so I can feel 8 years old again take care of my sore legs.

Half number 3 (the See Jane Run women’s half) is coming up on July 17! I realized that after/if I complete that half, I’ll have qualified for the Half Fanatics… so I might actually apply!

I do have a weird sore spot in my left foot still, though it’s definitely not as sore/tight as it was the day after RnR. I didn’t notice it at all when I ran this week; I just tend to notice it randomly when I’m sitting down, when I bend my foot up on my toes as far as I can, and when walking sometimes in flipflops. It’s not a pain, just a sore-ish spot, so I’m hoping it’s not a stress fracture and maybe just a tired/strained muscle or ligament. It’s another reason I decided to give myself an extra rest day before the weekend, though.


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