It’s HOT here for us poor little northwesterners! It hit a blistering 77 degrees! DEATH! How do you people down south tolerate it?!

One of my roommates and I decided to stop laying around the house like beached whales and walk down to the Village for ice cream. So we put on all our running gear – for its sweat-wicking properties, of course (and I may or may not have decided to flaunt my RnR finisher’s shirt) – and briskly walked down to ye ole local ice cream shop, where B the roomie sat in a giant soccer ball:

he loves that Nike headband

I had mountain blackberry and chocolate chip mint, which the roomie thought was completely weird, but I like to have a little variety in my flavors!

I have 6-8 miles on my plate today (depending on how I’m feeling) which I think I will save until around 7:30 or 8pm… you know, when it’s not BLISTERINGLY HOT out there!


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