See Jane Run half marathon complete!

Just a quick note to say I completed this race yesterday morning! I was a little short on training the last few weeks due to nursing my sore foot, and my undertraining started to show around mile 8-9, but I got ‘er done. It wasn’t my fastest race, but also not my slowest – I finished in 2:31:26 for 13.18 miles (per Henry the Garmin). Incidentally, I also qualified for the Half Fanatics with this race! :D

I’m now going to rest/heal up over the summer and maybe attack some races in the fall… I’d like to actually start doing speedwork and complete a half in around 2:10-2:15. Maybe someday I’ll even try to go sub-2…

Full recap coming soon!

the start and finish line @ Gasworks Park


2 thoughts on “See Jane Run half marathon complete!

    • Hey thanks! It great to meet you too – congrats on your PR! I felt a little silly being all “HEYItotallyknowwhoyouare” – thanks for being so gracious! :)

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