Do Life 5k – redux!

Last night Ben Davis and his tour of awesomeness returned to Seattle for a Do Life 5k (partly) around Greenlake!

looks like we were photobombed ;D

Several folks who had been at Ben’s first stop in Seattle returned, including Devon, who I ran the 5k with. She ran her first half marathon (also Seattle RnR!) since the last time we met up, and she killed it with an awesome time! It was fun chatting and catching up, though neither of us were used to talking and running, so it made for a bit of breathlessness.

Ben snapped us (and Brooke’s mom Megan!) at the turnaround point:

ha, I look so pale next to these tan ladies! ;D

We had decided to run it nice and easy but kept glancing at our twinsy Garmins to see we were sailing along around a 9:20 pace, and had to keep slowing ourselves down. That and the new frontier of talking whilst running contributed to an oddly tiring 3.05 miles in around 31 min (the humid-ish heat didn’t help, either) – but even with the tiredness, it was awesome to run it with her! She’s trying to convince me to make the bellyflop over to Tumblr… hey, maybe people would actually read my blog if I did! ;P haha.

Afterward we all moseyed over to Whole Foods to take over their salad bar area. I had never actually eaten at a Whole Foods before (!) and it was deliciousness!

L-R: Irondoeslife, Vicki, Devon, me @ Whole Foods post-5k!

Ben grabbed my camera for a self-portrait:

I claim temporary insanity

Ben’s photos are posted at Facebook!


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