the Milkman 5000

This was a race I couldn’t resist – the Milkman 5000, Aug 20th at Emerald Downs.  The last mile of the race was AROUND THE TRACK, and as a huge horse racing fan since my youth I couldn’t pass up the chance to fulfill a childhood fantasy! I wasn’t expecting just how tiring running a mile in deep dirt could be though, haha, and had a much slower race than I wanted (that and it was HOTTT that morning… and the race started at 10am, ack!) but the experience of trotting my way around the racetrack, unshaded as it was, was pretty awesome. There wasn’t an official photographer (it was a pretty small race) so I was left to my own devices, mostly getting blurry mid-run pic as well as a video in which you can hear me panting like a freight train. With the heat and track running I ended up finishing in 31:24.. not my best showing, but worth it for the experience!

Runners milling around before the race

extremely flattering self-portrait chugging around the (unshaded tiring hot) track

Folks finishing behind me

After the race they gave away free general admission tickets to the track, so the next day my friend Laurel and I returned to watch the big race of the season, the Longacres Mile!

Laurel and I camped at the finish line

the winner of the Longacres Mile - Awesome Gem

Both days were hooooooooootttttt but well worth it!


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