Fremont Oktoberfest Brew-ha-ha 5k

I ran this with my roomie Brian as his first 5k! He did really well overall, and either the course was a bit long or we didn’t take the shortest path as my Garmin clocked us finishing 3.19 miles in 30:35 (official chip time 30:33):

Would have been a sub-30 5k I think, at the right distance!

Devon was also planning to run this race (she ran it last year as her first 5k), so I was hoping to see her before and/or after and catch up. She’s currently in full marathon training for RnR Vegas. Crazy/awesome!

Brian and I got up pretty early, headed over to Fremont, and picked up our bibs and chips. We had time to kill (the race was a late one, starting at 10am) so we went to Starbucks and had some coffee and the requisite pre-run bathroom break before heading to the starting area to check out the many dogs and costumes.

Around 9:45 we moseyed to the starting chute and stretched a bit. At 10 the “beer belly” division (folks 220 pounds or heavier) started, and about 3 mins later we were off!

We took it easy in the first mile, sticking to around a 10-ish min mile pace, watching people in costumes sprinting past us and many many dogs on leashes (I missed that this was a Dogtoberfest race too, heh). Our plan was to pick it up a little bit once we hit the 1st mile marker and try to hold that steady pace to the end.

Once we hit the mile marker, though, Brian started sprinting (dude was doing around an 8 min mile for awhile!) and I couldn’t keep up with that pace for too long so early in the race, so let him go ahead of me for a bit and dealt with a slight sidestitch. (I really need to work on holding quicker paces for a longer period of time, and my mid-race speed in general). He was maybe 10-15 seconds in front of me; I could see him bobbing along up ahead as I kept up around a 9:30-9:40 min mile – which is still faster than I’ve been training lately, so my lungs were definitely feeling it. (My legs felt great, probably also due to my knee-high compression socks that were awesome!) At some point he stopped pulling away which I knew meant we were going about the same pace, but I couldn’t find the energy at that point to sprint up to him.

In the 3rd mile I started catching up again as he got a bit more tired. I was holding around a 9:30ish pace at this point. The sun also came out and started baking us, which killed my energy in that final mile as well, but I just kept saying to myself “don’t be a wuss… slow or fast, it hurts the same…” It did remind me that my cardio needs some work; my lungs/breathing were the worst part of it all.

I caught up to him completely right around the mile 3 marker – he was looking like he wanted to walk. “Let’s go!” I said, “final tenth!” and we ran in the final .19 together (darn long course haha, this was sub-30 5k pace!). I usually sprint the last bit with all I’ve got, but he was pretty tired and I wanted to finish with him, so I stayed with him as we went up a small hill (gahh) and into the final chute to finish together. A bunch of people ran in front of us as we were crossing the line, so I don’t think we got a finishing photo (Brian also tripped across it, so I guess that’s for the best, heh) but ohh well.

As we got our timing chips removed I heard someone calling my name – it was speedy Devon, who set an awesome PR of 25:04! (I’m in awe!) Her recap is here.

oh gosh hahah what is up with my little quartet of sweat blobs

She also snapped a pic of Brian and me:

I like the large head looming in the background

We moseyed around the post-race Oktoberfest area and chatted about our upcoming races and potential Team-in-Training aspirations for me, since I’m signed up to run the RnR Seattle half again next year. The idea of fundraising $1500 is somewhat terrifying, but Devon totally pulled it off this year, so I know it’s definitely possible!

Brian was pretty beat and didn’t feel like sticking around for the free beers, so we checked out the booths and the nearby street fair before heading out. All in all, a pretty good race, a reminder I need to kick my butt into shape so I don’t want to die/my lungs don’t attempt to implode when I try to run faster, and good times with friends!


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